Tour updates of various sorts

Where am I? What day is it? Friday? I guess I must be in San Diego, then. Wait, no, haven’t gotten on a plane yet today — I’m still in Portland.

(No really, when I woke up it took me an appallingly long time to figure that out, and also which direction to look in for the door.)

Updates! Giveaways first, since those are shiny: in addition to Jim Hines’ (which is still ongoing), you can try to win a copy from The Bookish Babes (which has an excerpt and a brief Q&A with me as well) or Book Chick City (also with a guest post and an excerpt).

Or, if you’d rather rely on a charitable donation rather than luck of the draw, I have a DOUBLE-SIGNED COPY up as an auction item for Con or Bust, the travel fund for fans and writers of color to attend conventions. What do I mean by “double-signed”? I mean it has my autograph, and it has Todd Lockwood’s — along with a sketch of a dragon Todd drew inside. So that one’s extra-shiny, and the money goes to a good cause.

Guest posts etc not mentioned above:

And finally, not directly related to ANHoD but live right now anyway, another SF Signal Mind Meld, wherein I discuss print and ebooks (luddite that I am) with a bunch of other people.

. . . I think that’s it, at least for now. And if you’ll pardon me, I have to go catch a plane!

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