this is why the first rule is, put your butt in the chair and start typing

For a night when I really didn’t want to start working and whinged and moaned about it and tried to convince myself I could get away with a night off (I really, really can’t), those 3500 words sure fell out of my head awfully easy.

Especially given that my aim was only to write 2000 words tonight.

I could take the night off tomorrow, if I wanted. But I need to remember this part is fun, and also that getting the book done sooner rather than later is a good thing.

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  1. toddalcott

    A friend of mine once told me “You know what you taught me? It’s not enough to talk about writing, you actually have to do it. And then it’s not enough to do it, you actually have to finish it. You’re not really writing until you finish it.” That was one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me.

  2. teleidoplex

    Yeah. One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned, and really ONLY learned this past year, is that on the days when I’m not feeling it, it’s almost always better to write anyways. Sometimes it’s crap, but sometimes it’s good. And sometimes it only feels like crap, but you go back later and there’s something not-crap there.

    Glad to hear you had one of the ‘sometimes it’s good’ days 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      Almost always, yeah. The catch is that some nights, it really is better just to say “this isn’t working” and leave it for later. (At least, that’s true for me.) But I can’t actually tell which is which until I try.

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