Comets, now conveniently sized for your pocket!

A Star Shall Fall is out today in mass-market paperback. Apart from being, y’know, smaller, with a slightly different cover, it should also have various errata corrected (like the bad arithmetic when Irrith goes to get bread). I say “should” because I don’t yet have my hands on a copy to check, but I did have the opportunity to send in corrections, and I think I caught all the places where they were needed. Famous last words . . . .

BTW, since the past couple of days have been crazy, I haven’t yet chosen an icon. I’m extending the deadline until tonight, just in case somebody else wants to hop in.

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  1. strangerian

    Ooh, while I love having large, durable copies of the series, I would *also* love having the smaller, more portable mmb books. I hope Fate can do the same. E-books are a great thing, but there is something reassuring about a book that will not electrocute me in the bathtub. Or run out of battery. So huzzah!

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