The Best of BCS, Year Three

Scott Andrews at Beneath Ceaseless Skies is running a poll to choose the final story for the third-year “Best of” anthology. I’m in the running, with “Two Pretenders” (which is peripherally an Onyx Court story); I am, however, up against some stiff competition. BCS publishes good stuff!

You can vote in the poll until midnight Friday, Pacific time — I’m not sure if that means eleven and a half hours from now, or thirty-five and a half. Vote now, vote often! Wait, no. Vote once. In this round, anyway. Then vote again in the run-off. (I’ll post a heads-up when that happens.)

In other short-story related news, Clockwork Phoenix 4 will be paying pro rates! Many thanks to everyone who contributed. There’s still time to get in on the game, too, and one more stretch goal to aim for.

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