Clockwork Phoenix 4 . . . ?

I’d like to take a break from fielding comments on my last post to announce something very exciting:

Clockwork Phoenix 4.

Or rather, a Kickstarter campaign for it. You may recall the first three Clockwork Phoenix anthologies, all three of which I was very pleased to have a story in. The anthologies did quite well, in terms of both recognition and sales . . . but Norilana Books, the publisher, has fallen on hard times due to non-business-related issues, and can’t do a fourth. Since the small press is a very precarious world — and anthologies are even more precarious — Kickstarter is the best way to go about continuing the series.

As you can tell by the fact that I’ve been in all three books so far, I really like the CP anthologies, and would love to see them continue. (Full disclosure: yes, of course I intend to submit something. And given my track record so far, I have high hopes of success.) So take a look at the project page, and if you see anything you like in the rewards, pledge a few bucks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we can make this happen.

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