Three things make something closer to a post

First: it’s the sixteenth, and that means I’m over at SF Novelists again. This time I’m continuing my points from last month, with “Competence is hot, part two.”

Second: the same guy who does the Page 69 thing also had me contribute to My Book, the Movie (reposted over here). Long-time readers of this journal may recall that I’ve been on that blog previously, when I talked about my mental castings for Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie; this time I update it with A Star Shall Fall and With Fate Conspire.

And third: if you’re going to be at FOGcon, then a) so am I and b) I’m also going to be one of the critiquers in the writing workshop, along with David Levine and Cassie Alexander. I don’t know when signup for that closes, but I believe you still have time to join, if that’s your cup of tea.

Since I’m combining things here, I’ll leave comments open — but on the competence thing, please do go leave your thoughts over on the SF Novelists site, rather than here. No login required, but if you’re a first-time commenter please give me a little while to fish it out of the moderation queue.

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  1. Marie Brennan

    <lol> Well, if you want you can sign up and request somebody else as your instructor.

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