Halley’s Comet returns!

The one in my book, not the one in the sky.

Just got confirmation today that A Star Shall Fall will be getting a mass-market release in October of this year. So if you prefer your novels in smaller and/or cheaper format, mark the date on your calendar!

(This is actually the first time a book of mine has gotten proper release in a new physical format. There are ebooks of all of them, and the Onyx Court novels got picked up by the Science Fiction Book Club, which does hardcover copies, but this is shiny and new.)

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  1. akashiver

    Sweet! I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  2. green_knight

    Luverly. I will buy casual reads in ebook format these days, but hardbacks are too large and too expensive and not nice to read, so I’ve been hoping to get my hands on the mmpb versions of these.

      • green_knight

        I’m as certain as one can be without actually reading them that I will enjoy your books – I just haven’t gotten around to them, and the format is a decider in which books I’ll buy. (If the ebook is cheap enough, I’ll buy the ebook, bug given how much research went into them, I can’t imagine reading them only once. I’ve had such good experiences with picking up books by bloggers I like/books that come reccommended by my friends that I will continue with this; my successrate walking into bookstores is much lower.

  3. alecaustin

    Badass. It’s a worthy book, and you deserve to have more of your backlist available in mmpb.

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