Review and giveaway

The Library Journal‘s opinion of With Fate Conspire:

Brennan’s characters breathe life into a landscape rich in detail and vibrant with imagination. This title should please fans of Mercedes Lackey’s “Elemental Masters” series and Elizabeth Bear’s “Promethean Age” series.

And if you’re a Goodreads user, you can enter a giveaway there to win one of ten copies of A Star Shall Fall. It ends on the 22nd, so don’t forget!

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  1. Anonymous

    Amazon knows everything I do, with Amazon deciding how much I pay for that material or get paid when people buy what I wrote, because they’ve ground all their competitors out of existence.

    Yeeeeah. This is pretty much why paranoid me pays for everything with cash.

  2. Anonymous

    Re: The Undying

    Ah, true. I’d lost track of that being your point. I wonder if I never noticed because it has been so long since I reread this series? I didn’t like Drowned Ammet much when it first came out, and haven’t reread it in years. I reread SPELLCOATS much more often, and if they still don’t have much in the way of religion, there’s at least some and the overt presence of the Undying. In some books I really notice a lack of religion, and in some I don’t. I haven’t figured out why.

    Elaine T.

  3. Anonymous

    I had the opposite problem, actually: the Pleiades were too familiar, so it was frustratingly obvious to me.

  4. Anonymous

    The German titles of those two books are really just the best. I feel like running around the office right now shouting “DÖPPELGANGER UND HEXENKRIEGER!”

  5. Anonymous

    Done! Shipping-wise, um, dunno? I’m inclined to say, let me ship the books to you and find out how much it is, and then I’ll let you know how much to pay. If that sounds good to you, just e-mail me your address.

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