Signal Boost: Vera Nazarian

Details are here, but the short form is that Vera Nazarian (of Norilana Books) has lost her multi-year battle to keep her house, and is having to move across the country with her sick mother and four pets.

Norilana is the publisher that puts out the Clockwork Phoenix anthologies, all three of which include stories from yours truly. (“A Mask of Flesh,”, “Once a Goddess,”, and “The Gospel of Nachash.”) I’ve read all three of them, and think they’re quite excellent volumes, quite apart from my personal investment. Norilana has also done a number of other books, including the continuation of the Sword & Sorceress anthology series, a few classic novels, some fantasy, some science fiction — check out Vera’s post for a whole lot more. She could use the business right now, and Norilana’s got some great stuff, so if you’re inclined to pick up new reading material, head over and take a look.

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    Signal Boost: Vera Nazarian

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  2. tooth_and_claw

    And I was just looking for something to spend your commission money on. Appropriate, I think.

  3. wshaffer

    Aw, bummer. I don’t know Vera very well, but was aware of her attempts to avoid foreclosure, and really hoped she’d pull it off. Bank of America, you suck.

    The Clockwork Phoenix anthos were on my “buy these someday” list, so I went ahead and got them. And have spread the word on my own LJ/twitter.

  4. norilana

    Thanks so much for the signal boost!

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