doing my part, what little I can

There is, as you might expect, another LJ charity auction underway, at . There are many things on offer there, but this one is mine: a short story to a prompt of the winner’s choosing, drawn from Japanese history or folklore.

I’ve set the minimum bid at $50 because unlike the Onyx Court auctions of the past, this time I’m guaranteeing a fully-written short story. Having never offered something like this, I don’t know if that’s too high and I’ve just scared you all off, or it’s too low and you’re going to jack the price way up in bidding. (Since this is for charity, I hope it’s the latter.) Instructions for bidding (or offering) are here, and the auction will run until Saturday the 26th.

Categories of offer: art and artistry, audio work, interesting stuff, food, graphics, words. Go forth and bid, for a good cause.

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