I do love a good title

Congratulations to my friend Von Carr, whose short story “Sister Jasmine Brings the Pain” placed second in the Intergalactic Medicine Show readers’ awards. You can read the whole thing at that link; it’s a humorous post-apocalypses* tale featuring a heavily armed nun as the main character. What more need be said?

(All of the winning stories are available until April, I think, if you want to see what else won.)

*Yes, I meant that to be plural. To quote the story: “In the old days people had — maybe — worried about one apocalypse. At most, two. Global Warming and an ice age. Vampires and zombies. Nobody had expected all of the apocalypses to happen at once.”

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  1. artemisgrey

    Just started the Sister Jasmine story… LOVE IT…

  2. akashiver

    Thanks for the shout-out!

  3. veryclevername

    Wow, I finished the Sister Jasmine story earlier but couldn’t figure out where I first saw the link. I just wanted to say thank you for pointing it out, I really liked it.

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