better late than never?

It occurs to me I never put up an open book thread for A Star Shall Fall. So, as I beat my head against this bloody short story, feel free to comment here with any questions you wanted to ask or observations you wanted to share. Spoilers for this book are, of course, a given; there may also be spoilers for Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie (or for that matter the short stories), so be warned.

(I may also answer questions about With Fate Conspire, but only if I feel like it. No, I won’t tell you how it ends. Or whether your favorite character is going to die.)

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  1. gothicsparrow

    *shakes fist at evil author*

    *makes incoherent noises*

    I did notice that after Lune got rescued, the Court had no freaking ideas left for what to do with the dragon. I did not expect that the idea that was quickly thought up to kill the dragon was going to get Galen killed.

    You made me cry, dammit.

    Even though when I was earlier in the novel I was feeling a bit sad that Galen wasn’t going to be around for the next book, with the time between books being so huge he’d be dead anyway.

    • Marie Brennan

      . . . it’s probably bad of me that I respond to “You made me cry” with a little fist-pump of victory, isn’t it?

      And yet I can’t bring myself to apologize. 🙂

      Anyway, I hope the protagonists of With Fate Conspire are interesting enough in their own right to make up for the loss of Galen.

  2. Marie Brennan

    No such thing as late! The nice thing about books is they mostly stay around, waiting to be read. 🙂 I’m glad Midnight worked better for you on a second try.

    I pronounce Lune in the French manner, with a silent E.

    So on the topic of Dr. Andrews . . . I couldn’t say this at the time, but that was the idea that prompted this post. I woke up and just knew he was going to vivisect somebody. It was such an eighteenth-century thing to do, and yet one that would horrify my modern audience — and for that matter my characters, once he graduated from salamanders to, um, Podder.

    (I do feel a little bad about Podder.)

    As for Fate, it’s on its way! End of August is the street date.

    • celestineangel

      Ah hah! Good, because that’s mostly how I’ve been reading her name in my head, other than the occasional “Maybe it’s Luna or Lunay instead? I don’t know?” ^_^

      D: PODDER.

      Like I said, it was something I expected since the salamander, but that’s mostly because the more I read and the more I write myself, the more I start to see the patterns, so it’s not at all because you were obvious or anything. Point being… we already knew that being in the Onyx Court too long causes madness, and Dr. Andrews had already shown a willingness to do anything to save his own life. Also, I had the distinct impression that despite seeing them walk and talk and hearing them reason and have intelligent opinions and feelings… well, the fae really weren’t people to him. Not people like himself. So if it came down to him or them….

      Well. PODDER. D:

  3. Anonymous

    The Riddle?!

    I have a perhaps bad habit of saving books I think I’ll really enjoy for when I feel down, I suffer from severe depressive, so I’ve only just started reading ‘A Star Shall Fall’. More precisely part 6. Now The Riddle, I have tried looking this up, even to the point of searching for certain words in an anthology of The Gentleman’s Magazine and though I can find references to Elizabeth Carter and ‘The Riddle,’ I can’t find anything that matches or helps me solve it. I just want to know the answer because it’s driving me mad, in a good way. I think – and perhaps quite aptly given the subject matter – that the answer is either fire or time. Help? Also really enjoying the book as I hoped I would, though ‘With Fate Conspire’ is now staring banefully from my special cordoned off ‘to read’ pile.

    • Marie Brennan

      Re: The Riddle?!

      Oh dear. This is when the author gets a wide-eyed expression on her face and tries to remember something three years and two books in the past. <lol>

      The answer is indeed fire — or so claims the book I found it mentioned in, which is Dr. Johnson’s Women, about the ladies of the Bluestocking Circle. If memory serves, the answer isn’t actually quoted in the magazine (at least not in that issue), but it certainly does seem to be a valid solution, and it suited my story. So for my purposes, it is definitely a riddle about fire. 🙂

      As “saving” books, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad habit at all! It seems eminently sensible to me.

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  5. Anonymous

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