a brief note

There will be an audio version of “Two Pretenders” in BCS; that will reportedly go live in January, which is also (I believe) when the print version itself will be published.

Back to drooling on myself, by which I mean prepping for game tonight.

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  1. ailaes

    Not related in anyway to this post, but I wanted to mention I was able to pick up A Star Shall Fall earlier and the reading will commence as soon as I find food.

    • Marie Brennan

      Woot! I hope you enjoy it.

      • ailaes

        I’ve finally finished, (life got in the way, grrr), and I must say, Bravo.

        I must admit I was balling the hand that wasn’t holding the book into a fist at certain points (‘please don’t that happen. Omg, is it going to happen?’) and a hundred other reactions, all of which result in wanting the next one, hee. For now, I content myself by re-reading the first two and eagerly awaiting the release of With Fate Conspire.

        • Marie Brennan

          I confess curiosity as to which bits had you balling up your hand; if you feel like sharing, there’s a brand-new open book thread in which to do it. 🙂

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