BCS shout-out

Popping in briefly from Sirens (so far: it’s fabulous) to say that it’s the second anniversary of Beneath Ceaseless Skies, which they’re celebrating with a double issue. (And some really lovely artwork, too.)

Anybody who’s read this journal for a while knows my love for BCS. They publish my kind of fantasy, the kind that has richly developed or evocative secondary worlds, ranging in style and content from the American frontier to Mesoamerica to Enlightenment France to India to Japan. And they do podcasts, too. From my personal experience, I can say the editor, Scott Andrews, is great to work with, and I’d go on with the praise but I haven’t eaten yet and I should probably fix that before I fall over.

So instead let me just nudge you in the direction of the site, encouraging you to read, and to support BCS if you enjoy what you find. Bringing you this kind of fiction ain’t cheap, and while they’re a non-profit, they do need money to function. So if you like what they’re doing, and want to see it go on for another two years or more, think about helping out.

Back to Sirens I go . . . .

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  1. zellandyne

    Just realized that my friend is at Sirens, too. Don’t know if you’ll run into her, but she’s good people. 🙂

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