last chances, drawing near

You have until tomorrow to put your name in for one of three advance copies of A Star Shall Fall up for grabs on GoodReads, and until the 15th to submit a non-alcoholic drink recipe for the launch party (with a signed copy of Deeds of Men as the prize). Time’s running out!

Edited to add: Remember, you don’t have to be coming to Sirens to enter the drink contest; it’s open to everybody. (The costume contest, for obvious reasons, requires that you be there.)

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  1. arielstarshadow

    I do not have a drink to offer, but posted a lemon drizzle cake recipe today that sounds YUMMY!!

    Cream 6 oz of butter with 6 oz of sugar (I use coarse, sticky brown sugar)

    Add three large eggs and 6 oz self raising flour alternately, beat gently.

    Add the zest of one large lemon.

    Bake at 180 C for 50-60 mins.

    Meanwhile heat the juice of the lemon with 2 tablespoons of sugar- boil for 2 mins until sugar is dissolved.

    When cake is baked , make holes in the surface with a skewer and pour over the lemon/sugar mixture.

  2. Marie Brennan

    That sounds a good deal like the lemon cake my mother always bakes for my father’s birthday.

    Sadly, the logistics of arranging a dessert for the party are a lot more complicated than arranging drinks, which is why we went this route.

  3. dsgood

    But what if a non-attendee enters to costume party as the Invisible Man?

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