Launch party for A Star Shall Fall!

On August 31st, A Star Shall Fall comes out.

On October 7-10, I will be at the Sirens Conference in Vail.

I have therefore decided to have my first (slightly belated) proper launch party for a book, at the conference. It will take place on Saturday the ninth, in the hour leading up to the costume ball. There will probably be giveaways of the book at that party, but there are also two chances to win special prizes.

WHETHER YOU ARE ATTENDING THE CON OR NOT — we’re holding a contest to design a faerie-themed (non-alcoholic) drink to serve at the party, with the winner to be announced that night. If you aren’t present, I will ship your prize to you when I get home, which is a signed copy of Deeds of Men, the Onyx Court novella.

IF YOU ARE ATTENDING THE CON — since the party will take place before the costume ball, I’ll also be awarding a prize for whoever shows up at the party in the best Onyx Court faerie costume. You don’t have to present as a specific character; something in the general style is fine. The winner gets signed hardcover copies of Midnight Never Come and In Ashes Lie.

Full details for both contests are here. If you have any questions, just let me know. (And yes, I will be showing up in costume to my own launch party. Assuming everything works out the way I’m currently trying to arrange for it to do.)

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  1. lady_puck9999

    I am trying very hard to be one of those attending the con. Mostly, it’s going to involve scraping together a lot of money before the end of August. Do you know if there are any grants/contests/generous old ladies out there who are looking to help poor, college-age, only-partially-employed writers?

    You made Sirens sound 100% awesome and now I SERIOUSLY want to go.

    • Marie Brennan

      Hrm. The only thing like that I ever dealt with personally was departmental grants — it’s amazing what you can argue is relevant to your studies — but it being summertime, I don’t know how much luck you’d have with that. You might try, though. And possibly try contacting the Sirens staff to see if they’d be interested in offering a discounted student price for registration; ICFA does that, I know, and so do some other academic conferences.

      Sorry I can’t help more!

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