all the comet news you can shake a stick at

It’s now sixty days until A Star Shall Fall reaches shelves, so you know what that means: more excerpt! This time we introduce the book’s faerie protagonist, Irrith, first seen in Ashes. Or, if you’ve missed the excerpts so far, you can start at the beginning.

In honor of that — and of the fact that the Science Fiction Book Club will be printing Star as a featured selection, which is the news that greeted me when I woke up this morning — and of the fact that I’ve joined Goodreads — I’m doing another ARC giveaway, this time over on their site. You have until the twelfth to toss your name into the hat for a copy.

Edited to add: Sorry, the Goodreads giveaway is US and Canada only. If you live elsewhere, stay tuned in this space for other opportunities.

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  1. amysun

    Congrats about the Science Fiction Book Club! That is really excellent news!

  2. j_cheney

    COngrats on the SFBC sale ;o)

  3. leatherdykeuk


    Alas, the Goodreads was USA and Canada only.

  4. cynthia1960

    Hi, found you via . Am currently part way through the second book, and can’t wait for more.

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