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arielstarshadow, a while ago — where “a while” is “about six months” — you mentioned you’d be interested in seeing my playlists for the Onyx Court books, the stuff I had on shuffle while writing, that the soundtracks got built out of. Well, since I recently found myself with occasion to mail those playlists to someone, I figured I might as well go ahead and put them up on my website. The Midnight playlists are here, and the Ashes playlists are here.

They’re just .txt files, and moderately illegible; when iTunes exports a playlist, it includes all the file information, and it was already enough work just cleaning out the chaff so you could see what the titles, composers, and albums were. I didn’t feel like doing even more work to make it pretty. Also, most of it is film scores. But if that’s the kind of thing you’re interested in — especially the dark-and-atmospheric end of film scores — you can scan through and see what I’ve been listening to.

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    *double glee*

    *with some squeals and squees for good measure*

    Thank you so much!

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