Ahem. What I meant to say was, I have ARCs of A Star Shall Fall, and I am doing my very best not to hug them and squeeze them and call them George, but it’s hard, because you put in months and months and months of work, and this is the first point at which it really starts to seem like that thing you poured your brain into is actually going to be a book.

In honor of that, I’ll jump the gun by three days and give you what I planned to post one hundred days before the street date: the prologue. More excerpts will come later, and other goodies too; and if you leave a comment to this post, I’ll put your name into the hat for a drawing, the winner to receive a signed ARC of A Star Shall Fall. (With bonus copy of In Ashes Lie, if the winner doesn’t already own it; I’ve ended up with an absurd number of those, and need to send them to good homes.)

So. Enjoy the prologue, comment here if you want an ARC, and while you’re at it, think about bidding on a piece of Onyx Court history.

Edit: this particular giveaway is now closed. But stay tuned; there will be others.

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  1. shartyrant

    Woohoo! I have been looking forward to this release! I want to bid on the piece of Onxy Court history, but since I am currently buying college textbooks (good lord! The cost has risen!) I am on a budget freeze till next paycheck and the auction ends before then. *sigh*

    However, I will soothe my pain by trying for the contest. 🙂
    Will the piece you write for the auction ever be available (if you don’t flesh it out for a novel) elsewhere years down the road?
    (edited due to massive typo)

    • Marie Brennan

      I’ll probably do more offers like this for other charity auctions, so you’ll get other chances.

      As for public availability — by default I’ll only write up a summary, but if it turns into an actual short story, I’ll try to sell the result, or just post it as a freebie if it doesn’t stand on its own well enough.

  2. srallen

    That was such a fun read! It’s been a rough day but that was just a lovely palette cleanser, thank you!

    Right, time to pre-order.

  3. stormsdotter

    Ooo, please add me to the drawing!

  4. cloudshaper2k

    I have to wait 103 days to read the rest???


  5. bookblather

    Oh my GOD do I ever want an ARC. *makes grabby hands*

  6. kendokamel

    Sounds like fun – count me in! (:

  7. beccastareyes

    Ooh… ARC.

    Also, if we win, would it be possible to accept a copy of In Ashes Lie for gifting to a friend?

  8. anghara

    Hell, yeah, if you’re offering them to the likes of me… and I do already own (although I haven’t actually, I have to admit and hang my head in shame, READ “Ashes”….)

    (I’ll even sweeten the pot and offer a review…)

  9. landofnowhere

    Hi! I’m a lurker. (HRSFA class of ’08; I’ve seen you @ Vericon but don’t think we’ve met. I read the ARC of /Midnight Never Come/ that you donated to the HRSFA library shortly before I graduated, and enjoyed it quite a bit, but haven’t yet read /Ashes/.)

    Anyway, it was high time I came out of lurking anyway, and I would like to enter the drawing.

    • Marie Brennan

      HRSFA class of ’08

      <feels ooooooooooooooold>


      Welcome, and thanks for delurking! (Also glad to hear the donations to the library have gotten some use.)

  10. anaquana

    Oh! That was beautiful! I can’t wait to read both In Ashes Lie and A Star Shall Fall.

  11. magegirl

    I’m so excited! I really enjoyed In Ashes Lie. 🙂 And drawings for awesome books are always fun!

  12. jadegirl

    Oh, that prologue was excellent. I’d love a chance in the drawing!

  13. brigidsblest

    …man, it’s going to be hard to wait for the official release.

    Enter me in the contest, please? One never knows, I could get lucky.

  14. afharkey

    Just when I didn’t think I could love this series any more.. you go and add *scientists* to the mix. 103 days is going to be a long time.

  15. iriththedreamer

    Wow, that was a fun prologue to read. 🙂 I’d love to be entered for the drawing too, if I can. (For both since I haven’t had a chance to read In Ashes Lie either)

  16. leatherdykeuk

    What a fabulous prologue! I’m hooked already! – please enter me in a drawing for both –

  17. findabair

    Oh! That was an interesting read – took a quite unexpected turn 🙂 So yeah – would love to get an ARC ^_^ (Assuming you’d be willing to ship to Norway, that is.) Thanks for offering, anyway 🙂

  18. stephanieburgis

    I love how Halleys Comet is tying into faerie history!

    Please enter me in the drawing (although not for In Ashes Lie, as I already own that).

  19. ailaes


    I should know better than to read prologue’s or first chapters, darnit.

    Add my name to the list. 🙂

    (Though I’ve read and own Ashes.)

  20. Anonymous

    Congratulations; and, as my teenage kid says when he sees ARCs:

    Gives us the precioussssssss! Cannot wait for releassssssse date!

  21. sarcastibich

    I’ll bite.
    I ought to search the local library systems, see if your books are in there. If not, see what it takes to get a book entered in the system.

  22. shui_long

    Hmmm… I had a feeling Sir Isaac was going to make an appearance. And do we get to hear the hidden history of 1682 as well as 1758/9? Banishing a dragon must be quite something, especially one with the power described in Ashes.

  23. xid_trebor

    Enter me please!!

    Now very excited for STAR – have to re-read the first two to get back into the world. (After reading MIDNIGHT, I had to see “Elizabeth” and watch the “human” part of the story) Can’t wait for the new book (or the ARC, if I am so lucky)

  24. squishymeister

    I like spending time in hats :).

    I’m going to try to hook my London friends on your stuff this summer! AND I’ll have time to reallly sit down and read through the new…ahem “new” stuff.

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