Running with the Pack ARC giveaway

Like werewolves? Want an anthology full of ’em? Over at calico_reaction‘s LJ, Ekaterina Sedia, editor of the upcoming Running with the Pack (table of contents here) is giving away an advance copy. This is, for those who are interested, the home of my Fake Werewolf Paper, aka “Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes;” the rest of the contributors include some of the biggest names in the field of People What Grow Fur Under the Full Moon, Comma, Fiction Concerning. Should be a great antho, and this is your chance to snag a copy before anyone else.

0 Responses to “Running with the Pack ARC giveaway”

  1. nojojojo

    Ah! Had no idea. I’ll Tweet this too.

  2. calico_reaction

    Thanks for promoting the giveaway!

    The antho does look great. I’m salivating over the TOC, and was thrilled to see your name in it!

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