It doesn’t have the right ending, I don’t think, but right now I don’t care, because I’ve completed “The Wives of Paris” — three days after I came up with the idea.

Mind you, this doesn’t actually reduce the list of Stories What Need Finishing, but I’ll take it anyway. Especially because this, in conjunction with “Two Pretenders,” is the second short story this month, which I haven’t done since <checks the records> June 2006. Sure, they’re both pretty slim — 2900 words and 1800 words, respectively — but it’s a nice feeling of accomplishment anyway.

And as it’s taken me far too long to compose this post, I think that’s a sign my brain has shut down, and I should go to bed. Where I shall sleep the sleep of the virtuous.

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  1. j_cheney

    Congrats on finishing them. I’m falling behind on short stories, so I’ll use that as an inpsiration ;o)

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