since I’ve been given the all-clear . . . .

“Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes” — aka the Fake Werewolf Paper — will be in Ekaterina Sedia’s upcoming anthology Running with the Pack, coming out from Prime Books. I don’t have a full ToC yet, but the cover here lists Laura Anne Gilman, Carrie Vaughn, and C.E. Murphy, and Erzebet Yellowboy just announced her own sale, so that’s a total of five authors you can expect.

This was so totally not the story I intended to write when I sat down, but it’s the story that came out, and I’m very glad that it hit the target anyway.

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  1. nojojojo

    A reprint of my “Red Riding Hood’s Child” will be in it too, so yay, we’ll share a ToC! (I mentioned this on my own LJ some months back; I think Cathy sussed out the reprints she wanted before she started buying new stuff.) And congrats on the sale!

    • Marie Brennan

      Hell, I didn’t get the thing written and submitted until mid-December; I’m lucky the antho was still open!

      Was your story on Podcastle a while back? Or am I confusing it with something else?

      • nojojojo

        Yep, it got reprinted there too; I was completely surprised they wanted it for this anth too. But I suppose all the controversy it generated on Podcastle helped raise its profile; all kinds of people heard about that story via Podcastle, apparently never realizing it had been published originally several years earlier. (Fishnet’s not really on the SF/F community’s radar, though it should be — they run a lot of SF/F content, since erotica, unlike porn, can actually have plots and worldbuilding.)

        • squirrel_monkey

          Actually, you did tell me about that story at Wiscon.

        • Marie Brennan

          since erotica, unlike porn, can actually have plots and worldbuilding.


          The Escape Artists trio reaches a really interesting cross-section of audiences, I think. Certainly Escape Pod’s listenership is larger than the circulation of 99% of the magazines it draws from.

  2. la_marquise_de_

    That is a title of rare genius.

    • Marie Brennan

      I don’t know which is more ridiculous, that or “Letter Found in a Chest Belonging to the Marquis de Montseraille Following the Death of That Worthy Individual.” The Marquis wins for length, certainly, but I think this one’s more conceptually ridiculous.

      (Around the house — by which I mean in my records — they’re called “Letter Found” and “Comparison of Efficacy Rates.” And “Nine Sketches, in Charcoal and Blood” is just “Nine Sketches.” Why do I give my stories longer titles than I actually want to use?)

  3. suricattus

    (here via Google alerts.. type her name and she appears!)

    The story I wrote for this wasn’t the story I intended to write either. I’m still amazed she didn’t toss it back saying WTH? But I think we’re bookends, as I may have the shortest title in the collection — “werelove”

    • Marie Brennan

      WTH indeed. I was going to write a piece about a surly gun-store owner chewing out someone who came in asking for silver bullets. (This whole thing was inspired by some articles by Mike Briggs, Patty Briggs’ husband, on the difficulty of manufacturing same.) But the plot never really grew past that first scene, and next thing I knew, I was writing a fake article instead — one which managed to grow a plot despite the limitations of that approach. (Much to my surprise.)

  4. kendokamel

    Sounds awesome 😀

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