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  1. kmousie

    Congratulations! o/

  2. calico_reaction


    I’m curious: how much would a passive, non-gamer type of person enjoy DRAGON AGE?

    • Marie Brennan

      Depends on what you mean by “passive, non-gamer type.” Like most Bioware games, it has a pretty good storyline and various bits of character-driven material; it also has a lot of killing monsters and taking their stuff. But the killing of the monsters allows you to pause and queue up actions for your characters (which I like, as it allows me to think tactically rather than having to mash buttons really really fast), and there’s no penalty for playing it on the Easy setting, where certain aspects of the mechanics are stacked in your favor.

      As for its content, it’s pretty much a D&D-esque high fantasy, but the worldbuilding has some nicely original touches. (Some of them are damn creepy, too . . . .)

      • calico_reaction

        I guess what I mean is that I enjoy WATCHING games, but I don’t play them, short of something pretty simple like LEGO Star Wars or Super Mario Brothers. 🙂

        • Marie Brennan

          In that case, probably not your thing. It takes at least 60 hours or so to play through the whole game, which is a long time to be sitting there watching somebody else play.

          Braid, on the other hand — if you can get over the obfuscatory pretension of the storyline (which is tangential to the actual game), then I say from experience there’s great fun to be had in tag-teaming that one. My husband did the actual playing, since I’m not enough of a video-gamer to have the necessary hand-eye coordination, and we worked together on solving the puzzles. Which is the part I actually enjoy.

  3. cloudshaper2k

    Hooray for being done with copy edits!

  4. Marie Brennan

    It is indeed purty. And, being a Bioware game, has a pretty decent storyline, too.

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