So you want to be a writer?

Copy-edits for A Star Shall Fall arrived today. They’re due back shortly after New Year’s.

I got yer Glamorous Life of the Writer right here. >_<

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  1. kmousie

    Best of luck! As you may have seen in my journal today, I’ll be reading through 2,400 pages of ERISA and Title VII cases over my vacation next week, so I feel for you!

  2. la_marquise_de_

    One of my non-fiction publishers once did that to me on Dec 23rtd, with a requirement for it to be returned — with a complete index as well as the edits — by 1st Jan. Because writers don’t get holidays.

  3. stormsdotter

    Good luck with reading through the copy edits. If you get annoyed with the Editors, please remember, they’re only human.

    I spent three years as a textbook editor. Let me tell you, Editors really try to catch everything and make the work better. Sometimes we miss things.

    • Marie Brennan

      Oh, I don’t get annoyed at the copy-editor (except in one case, a short story, where I think the CE really overstepped their bounds). The only thing bugging me on that front this time around is entirely my fault; for two books running now, I’ve forgotten to inform the CE that I universally differ from the default style on a few points of capitalization, so she keeps correcting those to what she thinks is the style of the previous books. Hopefully I’ll remember for #4, so we can avoid repeating this dance.

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