One down, one to go.

No progress on “And Blow Them at the Moon,” but I’ve finished off “Comparison of Efficacy Rates for Seven Antipathetics as Employed Against Lycanthropes,” which is competing with “Letter Found in a Chest Belonging to the Marquis de Montseraille Following the Death of That Worthy Individual” for the achievement of being my most ridiculous title yet.

Yeah, I just wrote a fake academic paper. As a short story.

I blame Patricia Briggs’ husband.

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  1. d_aulnoy

    I … cannot wait to read this! In fact, I wish I could find it friends and put it in an anthology posing as a fake academic collection ….

    (That, or that you would submit it to one of the less scrupulous scientific journals and wait and see how long it too for a brouhaha to start ….)

    • Marie Brennan

      That would be a fun anthology, I think. Though it might need to be at least a little bit themed, at least to the level of “social sciences” or “natural sciences” or “humanities,” in order to not seem totally schizophrenic.

  2. j_cheney

    I think it sounds rather…interesting ;o)

  3. diatryma

    I have a standing dare based on a story title given to me by a friend that boils down to a half-joking, “If you write it, I will cite it.” The original potential citationperson has since graduated, so no hope of slipping it into his dissertation, but I still have to write it. “Land Use Changes in Communist Iowa”. Who can resist?

    And I would totally buy an anthology of pseudoacademic fiction.

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