also on the short story front

I mentioned before that Mike Allen bought “The Gospel of Nachash;” well, now you can see the rest of the table of contents.

And that is, in fact, the TOC — that’s the order the stories will be in. Yeah, I’m at the front. No, I don’t know what Mike has been smoking. One member of my crit group could barely get through the story because of the KJV style; I’m already anticipating that at least one review will hate it on the same grounds. And yet Mike wants to start off with me. I guess he’s done well with this editing thing so far, so I’ll trust him, but yeesh . . . talk about pressure!

Also at that link, you’ll find him talking about Norilana Books, the publishers of the Clockwork Phoenix anthologies. He says some important things about them, better than I can, but for my part I’ll just encourage you all to go look through their inventory and see if there’s anything up your alley. If not one of the CP volumes, how about another anthology? They’ve revived the Sword and Sorceress series, and started one called Lace and Blade that’s full of romantic highwayman-style goodness. Or there are novels, both originals and reprints of classics. They’ve got quite a list, so check them out, and maybe pick up a book or two.

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