I am now free to say . . .

. . . that Mike Allen has picked up “The Gospel of Nachash” for Clockwork Phoenix 3.

In the beginning God made the world, and on the sixth day he made creatures in his image. Male and female he created them, and they were the bekhorim, to whom God gave dominion over every herb bearing seed, and every tree bearing fruit, to be in their care. Mankind he formed from dust, but the bekhorim were made from air, and their spirits were more subtle than that of man.

Old Testament + New Testament + Jewish midrashim + Secret Ingredient = this story. All done in the style of the King James Bible, no less. I don’t know if it’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever done, but it’s up there, and I’m very glad Mike bought it; the minute I finished the draft, the Clockwork Phoenix series was the home I envisioned for it.

By the way, all the CP2 stories are available now in the SFWA forum; if you’re a member, you can read them there for Nebula consideration.

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  2. akashiver

    Sweet! That’s great news.

  3. mercwriter

    Very cool, congrats! 😀

  4. therinth

    Hot damn, that’s excellent! 😀

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