Look! It’s, like, actual short story production!

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I miss the Zokutou meter. <sniff>

If I weren’t getting sleepy, I might try to finish “Serpent, Wolf, and Half-Dead Thing” (the story I blame mrissa for) tonight. But I’ve done more than 1300 already, and I suppose it’s just as well to spend a little extra time pondering just what Hel might say to Loki, especially while there’s a snake dripping venom on his face.

(Or more to the point, while there’s a snake dripping venom into the bowl above his face. Because Sigyn’s going to be sitting there during this whole conversation. And won’t that be interesting.)

But hey. It’s like I’m actually writing a short story or something. I’d forgotten what that feels like . . . .

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  1. Anonymous

    ‘Tis all grist! Nick

  2. stormsdotter

    So, I went all the way to WorldCon in Montreal to meet an a capella group called Sassafrass from Cambridge–I live in Arlington, the next town over.

    They have this really neat song entitled “My Brother, My Enemy” that really illustrates Loki’s reasoning for causing Ragnarok, and it’s not just because her’s Evil and Odin’s Good. (I hate black-and-white reasoning.) Lyrics and such can be found here: http://www.adapalmer.com/sassafrass/mbme.html

    I’d love to see Hel chew Loki out for just getting revenge on Odin by killing Balder, instead of, I don’t know, finding a sneaky way to free her and her brothers? Or maybe she’s forgiven her dad for sending such a hunk to her realm.

    • Marie Brennan

      I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a treatment of those two where Loki’s Evil and Odin’s Good — and that includes the primary sources. I don’t think I’d want to read something like that. Loki’s a very ambiguous figure, and that’s what makes him so interesting. (He doesn’t even cause Ragnarok, though black-and-white reasoning would find that a lot tidier.)

      . . . okay, I just went to look at that link, and clicked first on the Youtube link, and thought “that person looks familiar” . . . then realized a) I know Ada Palmer and b) I know the song, because I heard her and a couple of other people singing it at VeriCon last year.

      <cues “It’s a Small World After All”>

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