idea: good, timing: less optimal

Dear Whoever Puts the Inspiration Juice Into the Shower Water,

I appreciate it — I really do. But couldn’t you have waited to give me the opening paragraph to that Onyx Court story until after I was done revising this Onyx Court NOVEL?

A writer who was trying to stay focused


On the bright side, now that I know this and “An Enquiry into the Causes” aren’t the same story, I can write this one without doing any particular research at all. I’ll have to look some details up, sure, but I’ve read the necessary books already.

It’s kind of refreshing, after Deeds of Men.

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  1. scribble_myname

    Sounds like my muse. Never really wants to stay on target. LOL

    • Marie Brennan

      I wrote six hundred words last night, and most of them were wrong. I know what I need to change; I’m just trying not to do it until I get the thing I’ve already been paid for out of the way.

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