There *is* a line.

Those of you who follow my Onyx Court posts know how much I glory in finding random bits of weird history I can work into my tale.

In case you were wondering, it is possible for something to be too weird for me to include.

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  1. catherinehaines

    It disturbs me that I already knew about that way of “resuscitating drowning victims”. It’s like the lecture which we learned about puppy fumigation in. :/

    • Marie Brennan

      . . . I had to stop and consider whether I wanted to google that or not.

      Which I did, and I’m still confused. Mostly because the only ref I could find was in an LJ comment thread. Apparently you used a puppy to fumigate a person for some disease or other?

      • catherinehaines

        It was apparently an ancient Greek cure for “wandering womb”. I forget the latter specifics because I, like the rest of the Greek Society class, was having a funny aneurysm moment at the image of fumigating a person with a puppy – and the mention that you had to use a puppy as an adult dog was too dry.

        • Marie Brennan

          I saw the bit about the adult dog, but no that it was a treatment for hysteria.

          Should I not ask how the puppy was employed in fumigation?

  2. ckd

    So the phrase “stop blowing smoke up my ass” is quite possibly one that originated as a literal description rather than a figure of speech. Oh my.

  3. keris45

    Ok, I think you and your commentators should win an award for “the most imagination-boggling” post ever…*g*

    Glenda L.

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