I should have checked this ages ago.

I’m an idiot.

When I pitched the new Onyx Court novels, I gave both of them working titles, because they sound more like real novels if they aren’t called “the comet book” and “the Victorian book.” In the Victorian case, it was a working title because I’m not terribly enthusiastic about the phrase I chose. In the comet case, by contrast, the phrase is fine; I just thought the passage I’d pulled it from didn’t have enough bearing on the plot to work as an epigraph, which is what I’ve done with the previous two.

And I’ve gone months without digging up the aforementioned passage and taking a second look at it. Which is where the idiocy comes in, because as it turns out, it works very well indeed.

So! I have a title! Unless my editor tells me to change it, but he said he was fine with it back when I thought I wasn’t, so we can hope not. The Book Formerly Referred to As the Comet Book will henceforth be referred to as A Star Shall FallStar or SSF when I’m feeling informal.

(You can tell the Victorian title is Totally Wrong, because it doesn’t have a verb in it.)

Anyway, I hope y’all like. I think I do.

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