half a book!

Ladies and gents, we crossed the 70K line today. Which means this is officially Half A Book, assuming I end up in the reasonable neighborhood of my 140K goal.

I may celebrate by spending tomorrow, and possibly the next day, working on flashback scenes. I haven’t written any of them yet, and while I’m not sure which ones I want to stick in which parts of the story, I’ve come to suspect I won’t be able to figure that out properly until the scenes exist as more than one-line descriptions in my head. And while part of my scheduling here involves not counting flashback writing as words toward my daily goal, the early completion of Part Three means I’m still two days ahead of schedule, and spending those filling in other holes isn’t a terrible idea.

(I would do flashbacks and forward progress, but I’m also currently being sisyphized by another project, and three tasks at once is a bit much — even if the sisyphean one is a revision. I just can’t gear-shift that much.)

But hey. Half a book. Yay!

Word count: 70,393
LBR census: It’s going to be blood, if Irrith keeps on being so mouthy.
Authorial sadism: Hey, somebody needs to represent for eighteenth-century English chauvinism.

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  1. scribble_myname


    You go, girl! I wish I could get to that point on my projects. But I’m currently being sisyphized on a lot by an unhealthy dose of whatever bug is running around at work. (LOVE that word!)

  2. hawkwing_lb

    Just stopping off to comment that I picked up In Ashes Lie in a bookshop in Reading on my way home by train and ferry, and it made several hours seem to pass very swiftly. Good book. 🙂

  3. scottakennedy

    Hooray for half-a book! I finished reading Midnight Never Come during my lunch break today, and just wanted to mention what a delight it was to read it. Thanks for writing such an enjoyable book!

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