This is kind of fabulous.

The VanderMeers, having been given a 13th anniversary ale to try out, decided that of course the thing to do was to see how it went with different books.

It kinda makes me wish I liked beer and/or wine. You could have a pretty ridiculous party, swigging down different drinks, trying to match them up with appropriate books. “I think this is more of a chardonnay kind of fantasy . . . .”

As it happens, Ashes didn’t go well with the beer at all, especially the selection Ann was reading. But she recommends a rich honey mead — Rosamund and Gertrude would approve. ^_^

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  1. la_marquise_de_

    Giggle. The Conan novels would need a robust red wine, I think, a sweet fizz for many paranormal romances and a chewy stout for space opera.

  2. moonandserpent

    Cripes, now I’m trying to figure out what beer would go well with the ultimate beer fantasy novel: The Drawing of the Dark.

    • moonandserpent

      Maybe that’s how I should phrase my limited interest in specfic: “Yeah, I’m not really into all those beer and wine books. Now give me some good Everclear, Mescal, or Absinthe spec fic and now we’re talking.”

    • Marie Brennan

      Nothing could suffice, I think, except the beer the book’s about.

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