still digging my way out of the hole

Wrote a cumulative 3806 today in various new scenes, rummaging around in the guts of Part Two to make everything fall into the new order. Still need to replace the scene that introduces the CR itself, and then do at least a rough polish on the Magrat conversation, the coffee-house, and Carline; then probably wholesale replace 80% of the Vauxhall scene, and I’ll finally be ready to finish the scene I was in the middle of writing when I realized I needed to redo half of what I’d done.

One of the cherished delusions of the aspiring writer is that this stuff gets easier as you go. Sure, maybe you have to rework your first novel three times, but after a while you learn to produce clean drafts, right?

Yeah, I’m going the other way. I’ve never had to hack a book apart half as much as I’ve done with this one already. Please, please, don’t let this trend continue.

Word count: 36,810 and trying not to think about how I’m running to stay in place
LBR census: I had to work really hard to find a reason why it wasn’t blood.
Authorial sadism: Yes, Galen, when you get a good idea I will make you share it with the class.

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  1. celestineangel

    Authorial sadism is the best.

  2. jimhines

    “One of the cherished delusions of the aspiring writer is that this stuff gets easier as you go.”

    Yep. I think every book I’ve done has been harder than the previous. This trend frightens me.

  3. unforth

    Actually, I think it makes a lot of sense that it gets more hacky rather than less (not in the hack writing sense but in the hacking things apart sense) – after all, as you get more experienced, you get better at constructing compelling narratives, which means your brain gets better at having a moment where it suddenly realizes “wait, if this were here and that were there things would be WAY more awesome!!”

    (and awesome progress! 🙂 )

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