0 Responses to “double-you. tee. eff.”

  1. kizmet_42

    There’s something seriously wrong with that.

    • Marie Brennan

      There’s definitely something wrong with my math. I haven’t done algebra since . . . I would say the GRE, but the truth is I got through a vast portion of that — perhaps all of it — by dint of my ability to do arithmetic really really fast. The last time I remember doing anything like real algebra, I was eighteen.

  2. zunger

    Hey, just because someone’s a member of the faerie court doesn’t mean that they can’t also be, say, a working astrophysicist. It’s prejudices like these that keep us from building a truly integrated society.

  3. Marie Brennan

    …that is to say, I totally support your algebraic endeavors. 😀

    This is my surprised face. <g>

  4. mindstalk

    Manipulation of occult symbols

    I’m curious, how indeed?

  5. mrissa

    That’s what fantasy novels are like. When I don’t want to think about math, I write SF for a break from fantasy.

  6. celestineangel

    Ew. This is why I write. So I don’t have to mess with that math stuff.

  7. gerriwritinglog

    I’m so glad I married a mathematician. 😀

  8. snickelish

    I just have to say that this rocks. Faerie! With algreba!

    *needs mathy icon*

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