minor neatness

The small neatness is that “A Mask of Flesh has apparently earned an Honorable Mention in the twenty-sixth Year’s Best Science Fiction, edited by Gardner Dozois. (I had no idea he also recced fantasy; that story is definitely not science-y in its speculation.)

The much bigger neatness is that I’m one of NINE Clockwork Phoenix authors so honored — which, for an anthology with eighteen stories in it, is a damned impressive success rate. Congrats not only to my fellow authors, but most especially to Mike, for putting together such a great volume!

(Now might be a good time to mention that you can buy the second volume in the series . . . or the first, if you haven’t already. I’ve got stories in both.)

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  1. aliettedb

    Awesome!! Congrats to you and Mike!
    (Gardner Dozois sometimes recs fantasy–I got a rec for my WOTF story despite the fact that the story couldn’t be called SF in any guise either)

  2. dsgood


  3. Anonymous

    btw that initial post is a great essay on writing the long fantasy series. I haven’t had the mental energy to comment on things recently which is why I didn’t then (and won’t now except to say I am reading with interest).

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