And that’s that

The last Deeds of Men winner has been chosen. Thanks to everyone who signed up for the newsletter — I’ll make it as interesting and news-ful as I can.

Don’t forget that you can still post comments or questions on the discussion thread (same goes for Midnight and Ashes, of course). And I do hope to have more Onyx Court short fiction for you guys in the future — not while I’m plugging away on this novel, probably, but maybe after it’s done I’ll get “And Blow Them at the Moon” or “Bow Street Runner” written.

But first, novel.

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  1. juushika

    I was just about to offer congrats to the winners, and then I checked my email and saw that I had been picked. >.> So congrats to the others, and to me! I’m absolutely tickled pink, and very excited for my package.

    Thanks again for running this contest. ^_^

  2. tybalt_quin

    Is it okay to ask you a question here about Midnight Never Come?

    If so, I was just wondering how you approached writing it – specifically, did you write it in chronological order and then intercut the flashbacks with the chronological story or did you write the flashbacks as you went along?

    (I’m still reading it, incidentally, but am enjoying it – not least because I live 10 minutes from Angel so reading those scenes as I’m riding the bus make me smile)

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