Break’s over; back on your heads.

On the one hand, taking a month off from the comet book gave me time to rethink some important things in Part One, which will make it much easier to proceed from here.

On the other hand, taking a month off from the comet book killed my discipline and momentum like whoa and damn.

Some of that’s the jet lag talking, mind you, which has hit me far worse than usual. (Might have something to do with me being on the road for a straight month; mostly I was in the U.S., but jet lag is as much about your general level of energy as it is about time zones.) I actually took a nap this evening instead of going to see a movie, just because I knew if I didn’t, there was no way I’d stay conscious late enough to get my work done. Another thing lost in my absence was my ability to sleep through kniedzw‘s alarm, you see, so I’ve been up since 7:30, which is just not natural for me. And my attempt to get work done this afternoon failed miserably.

I had more success just now, despite the lethargy brought on by a longer-than-expected evening nap. 1057 words, sending Galen to Vauxhall. It’s a pity the gardens there are long gone; I would have loved the chance to wander around them, instead of trying to put eighteenth-century paintings together with later plan views to understand how the place was laid out.

Word count: 21,146
LBR census: Love. Somebody in Galen’s family had to not suck.
Authorial sadism: Making it a windy night. Though that was only a little mean. (I’ll have to try harder tomorrow.)

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