Just a few hours left . . . .

Which is to say that you can probably already find Ashes in your local bookstore, since they’re generally on the lax side about when they shelve things. But officially, June 10th is the street date for my second Onyx Court novel. Get your dose of faerie politics + explosions today! (Or tomorrow.)

I should also mention that I’ve recovered from the delay imposed by my London research, and picked the next two winners for the Deeds of Men giveaway. I think we’re doing one more set after this, so if you want signed copies of the first two Onyx Court books, sign up now — I’ll do the last drawing next Monday.

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  1. j_cheney

    Happy almost-Book Day, then ;o)

  2. la_marquise_de_

    The review copy for the UK magazine Vector (for which I’m reviews’ editor) arrived to today, looking shiny and alluring.

  3. wadam

    I’ve had mine for a week from amazon.

  4. caras_galadhon

    *G* I was in the bookstore today, and saw it on the shelf, face-out, and I took a moment to take it down and give it a good look. It’s a beautiful book, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Of course, now I have to decide if I want to buy it now, or wait until I’ll likely see you and get you to autograph a copy. ^_~

    • Marie Brennan

      I can’t remember where you live, but the two events I’m going to be doing the rest of this year (my reading at Borderlands, and World Fantasy) are both Bay Area. If you’re not likely to be at those, then I wouldn’t hold my breath on the in-person signing — I’m just not able to travel that much this year.

      OTOH, you can mail me your book, with a stamped return envelope, and I’ll sign it and mail it back to you.

      • caras_galadhon

        Oh, I’m in Calgary, Alberta, but I’m always down in Florida for the ICFA, so… Depends whether or not you’ll be there next year, I imagine. ^_^ I’ll either bring my copy down there, or I’ll do the SASE thing, no worries!

  5. handful_ofdust

    I’ve seen it in two stores thus far here in Toronto, Canada. Indeed a gorgeous-looking book.

  6. diatryma

    My goodness. Prairie Lights really jumped the gun. Congratulations on the street date!

  7. c0untmystars

    I got mine today! Borders had four or five copies on the shelf already. It was all I could do to keep from sneaking a chapter or two at the office…

  8. owldaughter

    Oh, good grief — I’ve been so caught up in the Week of Birthday Insanity for my son that I forgot there was something else I was looking forward to for myself in the middle of it all. Huzzah! Now I have a real reason to go to the bookstore tomorrow!

  9. danielmc

    congrats on #2.
    more soon on side quest news. meeting this week.

  10. sora_blue

    Congratulations on IAL’s release!

    Once my training is finished, I’m going to be shoving copies into people’s hands at my new job. 😉

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