I might get this one done *before* the end of the month.

“Remembering Light”

I had about 700-800 of that already, from some work about a week ago; the rest is new. And this is, in fact, a new Driftwood story. I’m having fun riffing off the random idea I came up with for the world this one centers on, extrapolating the consequences of it. Yay for putting sunlight at the heart of a story.

Probably could finish this in two more days — possibly one — I just need to figure out how to steer the characters to the idea that got this story rolling in the first place. And decide whether I’m trying to stick that extra strand in there or not.

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  1. snickelish

    I can’t remember if you’ve mentioned before: is your goal to write and prep for submission a new story every month? Or do you write the rough draft one month and edit it to suit the next month?

    Just curious, since I usually need some space of at least a few weeks between drafting and polishing.

    • Marie Brennan

      At the moment? I’m just trying to finish a story every month. Backing up to November, when this started: November’s story sold three weeks later, on its first trip out the door; December’s story is either going to sell the one place I’m trying it or be revised into something substantially different; January’s story is broken and awaiting fixing; February’s story is intended for something else; March’s story I’m hoping to revise and send out by mid-May; April’s story isn’t done yet.

      I’ve done it before where the idea is to send out one a month, too, but then usually the one being sent out is not the one that just got finished. As you say, they need time to sit before you polish them.

  2. Anonymous

    I know the research for it was just awful, but I loved the fantasy short set in 1930s Manchuria. It’s outside what I usually think of as “your” eras, and yet it hit a lot of questions of honor and progress that resonated back to work you’ve done set in earlier times.

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