a (purposely) slightly-delayed goodie

Since I posted the excerpt late, and since the schedule would have had me posting this one on a weekend, I decided to wait until today. But now you can head on over to Flickr and see my photos from my research trip last year.

The Ashes pics are fewer in number than the Midnight ones because I inadvertently left my camera cable at home when I went to London; this mean I couldn’t download my photos to my laptop, which meant I was limited to the capacity of my (rather small) SD card. I kept having to delete my poorer or less important shots to make room for new ones. But you can see several of the locations that will be appearing in the novel, or at least whatever’s currently standing on their sites now, plus other things representative of the period.

They are also pegged onto a map, if you want to know where those things are.

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  1. squishymeister

    hehe, you are such a research nerd 🙂 it’s awesome!

    • Marie Brennan

      Dude, this isn’t the nerdy part. The nerdy part is looking crap up in the OED, and getting excited when I find out the Parliamentary minutes from the seventeenth century are available online. This? Is sightseeing I can tax-deduct. <g>

  2. shui_long

    You should have shouted for help – I could have lent you a camera cable (I have the same camera, as well as a digital SLR) or a spare SD (don’t you mean CF?) card…
    I know nearly all of the places you photographed, so I shall be very interested to see how they feature in the book.

    • Marie Brennan

      Yeah, it wasn’t an SD card; I was sloppy in my phrasing. Anyway, it wasn’t a huge deal. It just meant I didn’t end up with a billion and one blurry through-glass photos of stuff in the V&A.

  3. doriscrockford2

    Ham House! I live within walking distance from there. Does it play a big part in the book? If so, I can’t wait to walk around it again, saying “So in IAL, this happened here…” and freaking out the tour guides. 🙂

    • Marie Brennan

      Not a big part, but there’s one fairly important scene there, involving the Countess of Dysart (Elizabeth Murray/Tollemache/I can never remember which last name was hers at that point). There’s some wandering around the garden and house — courtesy of the fabulous tour I got from the staff there.

  4. Anonymous

    In Ashes Lie pub date on flickr

    First off, Midnight Never Come was the most amazing thing I’d read in ages. Can’t wait for In Ashes Lie. On the set page on flickr, though, you say Ashes is “due out June 10th, 2008”. I think it’s due out later this year, right? 🙂
    Cheers, Don

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