The ghost-prince story is still refusing to tell me what I should do with its newly-sprouted Significance, so I suspect that idea, which was going to be last month’s story, will get pushed back again in favor of something else.

We’re going to see today if that “something else” can be a new Driftwood story. Something about getting more direct fanmail/fancomments from readers for the eponymous work than for any three other stories I’ve published makes me enthusiastic about the prospect — I can’t imagine why. <g>

Time to dig out the various fragments and see if I can poke any of them into growing.

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  1. Anonymous

    I want a Driftwood story about a world that has been reduced to a single house, and the family that lives there. Can you do that :)?

    • Marie Brennan

      One of the fragments sitting around is about an old woman whose world has been reduced to just her and her house; would that do? 🙂

      (It’s not the one I’m poking at right now, though. I suspect that story will turn out to be almost exclusively a character piece about her relationship with Last, without much reference to the more fantastical weirdnesses of Driftwood; as such, it will probably wait until I’ve spent more time playing around in the setting.)

      • Anonymous

        The story about the old woman will meet my requirements. Hmmm, this is the first time I’ve ever requested a story and gotten something like a positive response… I wonder who else this will work on?

        • Marie Brennan

          <g> Well, your odds were improved by the existence of about half a dozen Driftwood story-fragments; one of them happened to come close to what you wanted. But I wish you luck if you try this on others!

  2. Anonymous

    Awww, I really like “Nad and Dan Adn Quaffy”! But that’s at least in part because I’m convinced that the author who is the main character is meant to be (at least in part) a certain SF writer who is an old favorite of mine. It’s the business about the lonely aliens and so forth that got me thinking that way, plus the existence of gfi in the Chanur books.

  3. Anonymous

    Yeah, that’s what baffles me about Charmain. Her propensity for reading comes across as so very passive because she isn’t curious.

  4. Anonymous

    Well, okay, yeah, but I can’t recall seeing any indication that they do.

    Some more thoughts on question C:
    Having the bar stretched to infinite outward extent is silly and obviously wrong. What has to happen is that the portal closing cuts the bar; then the new portal opening on the wall spits out the bar (still at its original length) moving at speed. The final result is as though you had cut the bar in the middle, then took the original two ends and welded them together.

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