I’ve been looking forward to this. Today, “Driftwood” went live at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, as part of their fourteenth issue. This is in the same setting as “A Heretic by Degrees,” and it’s my hope that I’ll get another Driftwood story completed (I have several in various stages of started-ness) some time this year, preferably sooner rather than later.

Somewhere — I forget where — I came across a review of “Heretic” that said the reviewer would love to see me do a novel in the setting. I don’t think I could ever write one; it would run too strongly counter to the entire concept of Driftwood, which is about fragmentation. But a story collection? That, I could do. At least in theory. I need a lot more stories before I can think about it, though.

Maybe I’ll try to work on one today.

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  1. stabeest

    “Driftwood” is brilliant and beautiful. I loved it. I wish I could give a better critique than that, but the ending was just so damned perfect that I have no good words.

  2. Anonymous

    I enjoy baroque and oniric worlds. I like particulary your story because the humans are totally absent and i love too fantasy without humans. I hope you would planned novel in this universe. I would be great!!!!

    Fabien Lyraud

    • Marie Brennan

      Thanks! As mentioned above, I don’t think I could ever write a novel in the setting — not unless it was the sort of avant-garde postmodern fragmentary thing I don’t read and probably can’t write. But a short story collection is another matter entirely, and far more feasible.

  3. Anonymous

    Knowing that there’s another Driftwood story out there is almost enough to make me shell out the $2.50 at IGMS. Thinking about it…

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