*Almost* there.

I stalled hard last night, not knowing what to do with the next scene. Having re-read the entire thing today, I ended up swapping the upcoming bit with the previous A-strand scene; the information the new one was going to convey really needed to go earlier in the story than where I was trying to put it. There’s a godawful Frankenstein seam thanks to the swapping — wow, is that earlier-now-later scene going to have to change — but I think it’s closer to working.

(No, I don’t expect that to mean anything to anybody, but it makes me feel better to type it out for posterity.)

1500 words tonight, two and a half scenes to go, but it’s bedtime for me, because I have to figure out how they’re going to mug this guy. Right now it’s more of a curb-stomping scenario than anything else; there’ll be no chance to do anything interesting with Our Heroes because their target will be a smear on the ground before they can say boo. Must stage it in non-obviously contrived way. But after that it’s pretty much just dual denouement time, so I think — I hope — I can finish this tomorrow.

<crosses fingers>

It may even have a title, though I wouldn’t be sure of that if I were me.

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  1. Anonymous

    Awwwww come on, every story can use a good curb-stomping.


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