things for revision: an open letter

Dear Brain,

Yeah, you know, that character, the one who’s really important to the reason why the dead guy is dead? The character we haven’t yet mentioned once in over eleven thousand words of story?

Yeah, him.

We’re going to have to find ways to work him into these scenes — along with hints of the Very Important Relationship he has to that other character, so it doesn’t come out of freaking left field the way it’s about to in the next thousand words. Because you’ve hung a key component of this story on that character and his Very Important Relationship, and the whole novela/ette is going to fall resoundingly on its face if that gets chucked in ex machina.

This is what you get for not bothering to figure out who he was until it was time to bring him in. How were we supposed to bring him in if we didn’t know who he WAS yet? This is how we end up eleven thousand words into the story and he’s still offstage. You brought this on yourself, you know.

Ah, well. That’s what revision is for.

Still miffed,
–Your Writer

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  1. pbmaxca

    That’s a great letter! I think I need to do that for my current story!

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