a belated thank-you . . .

. . . to everyone who helped me out with London slang a little whlie ago. Copy-edits delayed my work on “The Last Wendy” for a bit, but I finally got that back to them, and it sounds at least a bit less American now.

(One last query, actually — does “chill out” sound too American? If so, what would be the alternative?)

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  1. tchernabyelo

    “Chill out” is pretty common UK usage now, I would have said. “Cool it” might be an acceptable alternative.

    Or, y’know, the kids might be saying things I totally wot not of…

  2. leatherdykeuk

    Alas, we have American television shows. Kids copy those.

  3. feed_your_muse

    Just ‘chill’ on it’s own, or ‘calm down’, or ‘relax’



  4. doriscrockford2

    I immediately thought of “Calm down, dear” due to the annoying Michael Winner adverts. 🙁 But I have heard teenagers say “Chill out” on the tube, so if it’s a modern story and your characters are about that age you should be fine.

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