Progress of the Report

Am off to a roaring start. This is deliberate; I habitually work out how much I need to do each day in order to meet my deadline, readjust it to create a margin of safety, then push myself to overshoot the readjustment. It’s how we make deadlines work, here in my brain.

I should note, btw, that I misspoke slightly when I said the late arrival of the CEM was due to a mixup on my publisher’s end; I have a tendency to use that phrase to signify anything that isn’t my end, which is inexact. The mixup was on the part of the copy-editor. But it’s the same copy-editor I had for Midnight Never Come, which pleases me; I like continuity, and I like getting a little note from her saying she’s enjoyed reading these books. 🙂

Anyway. I’ve done all the mechanical work scheduled for today, and then some; I’ve about hit the limit of my usefulness on that front. (Brainpower, not time, is the real constraint on copy-editing speed. It doesn’t do me much good to read over the ms if I’m zoning out while I do it.) I have a small list of revision-y things to do in these pages, but I’ll leave them until later tonight, when I’ve regrown a little of my attention span. And then maybe go over some more pages, because we like being ahead of schedule, yes, we do.

You know who likes it even better? My publisher.

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