And he said unto me, “It is done.”

“The Gospel of Nachash”

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5,916 / 5,916

So it turned out to be more like 6,000 than 7,000 after all. Then again, I suspect it may need fleshing out in the latter bits. But that is not a task for tonight; tonight, I have completed a draft of this story, within the twelve days of Christmas (as I had hoped), and before the end of 2008. That makes this year’s output two novels and two short stories.

Man, my crit group is going to hate me for this thing — though I suspect one of them will expire in a fit of Judaic geekery instead.

Anyway. Draft! Yay! Critique and revision can wait until the new year, and then I get to figure out what magazines might want a piece that’s all about the style and the ideas, and not so much about characterization as we know it.

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  1. daydreammuse

    Congrats. For 2008 that is a great goal. Did you happen to have only the drafts of the novels or did you nitpick through? Cause I just breezed through the first drafts with much to be changed in the ultimate end.

    Have a Happy New Year.

    • Marie Brennan

      I generally write relatively clean first drafts, though Ashes required more revision — mostly of an expansionist sort, since when I started writing it I was shooting for a much lower word-count than I ended up with.

      • daydreammuse

        You must have a very clear idea of what you want then. That is a wonderful skill to have, considering that writing historical fantasy such as “MNC” can be quite tedious with research. For me a novel is in constant transformation and I always need to rewrite certain parts and polish, polish again.

  2. pathseeker42

    I’m excited to see this one!

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