another open letter

Dear Brain,

When I said I was going to work on short stories, I meant I was going to try and reduce the backlog of half-started ideas. That was not an open invitation to half-start something new.

Especially something that of all things in the world kind of resembles “Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.”

Especially when that means I’ll go to bed with that song stuck in my head.

Cut it out, and go back to developing the sacrilicious idea. Even better, stop being so finicky about working on “Chrysalis.” STOP ADDING TO THE LIST.

Love and kisses,

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  1. albionidaho

    Ohhh! That Fred subconscious is a stinker!

  2. celestineangel

    Brains. Can’t live with them, can’t write without them.

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