conversation with the brain

Conscious Mind: <singing> Revise, revise, revise the book . . . .

Subconscious: Oooh!

Conscious Mind: Yes?

Subsconscious: This is what the book’s about!

CM: Yes, we know that.

SC: Nononono. I mean, yes, but think about this.

CM: I did. Months ago. And that’s about as far as I got.

SC: Get ready to go farther. What if [spoiler]’s motivation was Y, not X?

CM: !!!

SC: Uh-huh.

CM: OMG. That works. So well. And it fits with the —

SC: Uh-huh.

CM: Not sure where to first bring it up, but we can totally work that here, and all through this bit, and —

SC: <preens>

CM: . . .

SC: What?

CM: Except that we resolved that conflict based on the assumption of Motivation X. Just how is this supposed to work out if it’s Y instead?

SC: . . .

CM: C’mon. You got me started down this road; you finish it.

SC: <ninja vanish>

CM: I hate it when she does that.

0 Responses to “conversation with the brain”

  1. difrancis

    I am amused. Well, okay, I’m amused as long as my subconscious doesn’t do any ninja vanishing as I finish this revision. Hee!

  2. celestineangel

    I hate it when she does that, too. =.= Stupid ninja subconscious.

  3. nojojojo

    HEY!! How did you read my mind?!

    Though my SC tends to do the wizardy thing and vanish with a flourish and a puff of smoke first.

  4. mirrorred_star

    Don’t you just hate how the awesome does that? It’s evil. Awesome, but evil.

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